Dr. Bonaventura, Fertility Doctor

We've learned so much in our 30 years of practice.

The thousands of patients who have graced our doors have left us understanding the importance of counseling our patients on an individual basis. After all, no two people are alike and knowing more about you and your life maximizes the efficiency of treatment options.

That's why we listen first.

We're sensitive to your desire and of course, the challenges that can be inherent to becoming pregnant. As a result, from the outset we nurture a personal approach – integrating the most advanced procedures with a woman's unique chemistry and lifestyle. It's the experience we deliver and the care we extend that distinguishes Bonaventura Reproductive Medicine.

Dr. Bonaventura is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. Dr. Bonaventura has offices in Indianapolis and Evansville, Indiana

Dr. Leo M. Bonaventura has been building families since 1976.


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  • If you ever have a question for the Bonaventura Facebook community or are just looking for feedback on a certain topic, send us a PM and we will share your question anonymously on our page. We are here for you!
    November 21st 2014
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